It’s time for a change. 20 years is long enough. Let’s move forward, together. I will be your voice.

Every vote I make as a council member will have to pass these tests: Will my vote keep your family and business safe and your parks and public areas clean? Is my vote equitable? Does it represent the diverse needs who have come from all parts of the world who call Federal Way home?

Denise will ensure our families will be safe from crime and advocate for quality education and police officers.

We must house the homeless and get them off our streets and stores with affordable housing.

We must treat people suffering from physical drug and alcohol addiction. It is a treatable medical disease and may people have recovered and gotten their lives back, reunited with their families, and are working again, contributing to our economy.

We must support our local businesses and communicate the amazing career opportunities available to learn a skilled trade.

Vote Denise Yun by November 7th

I have been humbled to receive early endorsements from Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland, State Representatives Kristine Reeves, State Representative Tina Orwall, State Senator Bob Hasegawa, State Senator Manka Dhingra, former State Representative Sherry Appleton, former Burien Mayor Jimmy Matta, Sofia Agragon, Mayor of Burien and State Senator Claudia Kaufman.

My name is Denise Yun and I respectfully ask for your vote.